The average cost of painting a house for homeowners

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The average The average cost of painting a house for homeowners is around

£500 - £3500

If you newly acquired your first home or want to spruce up a house you've been staying in for a while, new paintwork can be a perfect way to upgrade your home. Are you concerned over what it could cost? Here's what you need to hear about the average cost of painting a house. 

The average cost to paint the exterior part of a house.

The estimated expense of painting the outside of a house is £2000, according to Bidvine, whose representatives record the total cost of an outdoor paint job beginning at £500 and rising to £3,500. The estimated cost of painting a house depends on various factors, but the most dominant factor is the scale. The expense of painting the exterior of a 1,500 square foot house may naturally be cheaper than painting a 6,000 square foot home. If your house has several rusty paints that need to be scraped, you should expect to pay extra. 

So, is there a calculation that ties home size to the cost of painting work? These options vary. Next, weigh the outside square footage of your house and add it by your building's height, from the field to the roofline. Subtract windows and doors that you're not planning to paint if it looks fancy to you. You may even subtract window trims if you're going to paint them with an accent colour. 

When you have the total square footage you need to colour, note that a gallon of colour usually is between 250 and 400 square feet. You kind of need a lot if you paint rough, brittle stuff; choose to paint a dark house with a much brighter hue. Depending on your paint preference, you can need a more costly tinted primer to assist with the colour transfer. 

The average cost to paint the interior part of a house.

The estimated expense of painting a building's interior is between £1.50 and £2.50 per square foot. If you do the doors, walls, and doors, the cost per square foot will be between £2.5 and £3.5. If there is damage to the walls that have to be fixed before construction can start, it will cost more. These are the typical costs that you hire a service company to design your house for you. You may still opt to do your paintwork by yourself. 

Homeowners are more inclined to perform an indoor paint job than follow the DIY path to an outside paint job. That, plus the expense of painting itself, an interior paint job is usually cheaper than an exterior one. And it can be a perfect way to upgrade your room without purchasing some new furniture or undertaking more expensive and time-consuming upgrades. 

To determine the cost of the interior paint job on your own, estimate the square footage of the interior room you choose to paint. Think if you're going to need primers or several coats to assist with the paint change. If you only apply another coating of the same type of paint you used a few years before, you can use a single coat and miss it. 

After you've measured the interior square feet, experts suggest you're going to divide by 350. The typical size of a gallon of paint is 350 square feet (though others say 250-400 square feet). The total coverage for a gallon of primers is 200 square feet. Your square footage, separated by 350 square feet, gives you the number of gallons of paint you'll need. Square footage separated by 200 brings you the number of gallons of primer you'll need.

These tips will save you money by making sure you don't purchase too much paint. From there, you can measure the cost of a paint job depending on the price per gallon of your preferred paint brand. If you choose to purchase supplies such as ladders, paint arms and paints, note to include such costs in your estimate.


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