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Posting a job is free and only takes a few minutes. We start by asking you questions about the requirement of the job you need doing, such as:

  • what type of tradesman are you looking to hire
  • where at your home you want the job doing
  • detailed description of the work and photos if any
  • your budget and where is the job located

The information you provided helps us to assign relevant tradesperson in your local area. It also allows the tradespeople to give an accurate quote.

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After providing us with your job requirements, our system will automatically match your request to registered tradespeople who will now provide you with quotes, including estimated completion time.

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You will receive instant quotes from tradespeople along with their profiles, previous works & feedbacks - log in to your account to review and compare quotes, chat in real-time to ask questions and set timeline.

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After comparing quotes, select and award the job to the best tradesperson you want to carry out the project.

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Create a milestone payment, and your tradesman comes to work. Read more about our milestone payment system.

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Once the job has been completed to your expectations and your 100% satisfied, pay the tradesman by releasing the milestone.

7 Rate tradesperson work

Rate the tradesperson on their hard work, quality, reliability, and value for your money.

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