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Term and Conditions

By utilising the Service offered through this Website, you are obliged to keep to the terms and conditions set out below. If you do not agree to abide by these terms and conditions, you may not use or access our Service.

In this terms and conditions:

"Account" means the account linked with your email address.

"Customers" means any person who post or list a job on the Website for Trade Professionals to quote on.

"Homeowners" means any individual who submits or publishes a job on the Website for Tradespeople to quote on.

"Job" means project/job posted or published by a customer through our service.

"Users" "You", means person making use of the Tradespeoplehub Services. A User may be both a customer and a service provider under this agreement.

"Service provider"a nyone who provides services to the customer.

"Service receiver" anyone or customer who receive the service trade professionals.

"Service receiver"anyone or customer who receive the service trade professionals.

"User" "you" or "your" means an individual who visits or uses our Website

"Service" means any procedure or service that is provided by Tradespeoplehub to Users, which includes, but is not limited to: information, services and products provided through the Website, or by telephone or email.

"Tradespeople" Tradesmen" and "Trades professional” means any business who registers on the Website in order to quote for work posted by homeowners or get hired directly.

"Website" means the Website and all the pages, content and subdomains operated by This also includes mobile web like iOS App and Android App application.

"Platform" means website.

"Quoting" means expressing interest, contacting or messaging a customer found via our Service.

"Lead" is a Job which we give you the opportunity to indicate Interest in and provide quotes.

"Award" is a lead where the customer chooses to offer the job to a tradesperson.

"Service Agreement" means any arrangement between a tradesperson and a homeowner on the services or jobs to be carried out. A service agreement can be agreed through our website.

"Dispute Resolution Process" means the process to be followed by homeowner and tradespeople in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Services.

"Introduction fees" a fee you pay to quote, chat, discuss project requirements and respond to direct job offers through “hire me

"Tradespeoplehub" "we", "our", "company" or "the company" or "us" or “ours” means

"Local Job" or "Local Jobs" means a service we provide to match a customer with a tradesperson in relation to the provision of location specific services.

"Milestone Payment" means a payment made by the customer for the provision of tradespeople services under a user agreement and which will be released in relation to the section "Milestone Payments" of these terms and conditions.

"Project" or "job" means a job offered or awarded by a customer via the Website, which may include a Project posted by a customer, a Project awarded by a customer(for example through Hire Me), a service bought by a customer from a Tradesperson, and service awarded by a customer to a tradesperson as a result of a job posting via the Website.

"Tradespeople Services" means all services provided by the tradesmen or service provider to the customers.

"Tradespeoplehub Services" means all services provided by the tradesmen or service provider to the customers.

These Terms and Conditions shall be administered by and governed in accordance with English law. Disputes originating in relation with these Terms and Conditions shall exclusively be subjected to the jurisdiction of the English courts.