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Getting Started is an online marketplace that connects homeowners and tradespeople across the UK. For tradespeople, we offers a constant source of part-time to full-time job opportunities, without the trouble and expenses of advertising and self-promotion.

How does the site work for tradespeople?

Over 20,000 tradespeople across the UK have successfully established their businesses by working with us. They have achieved phenomenal success. You want to know How?

  • Sign up for a free trial

Create a trade account (it's free): Tell us where you are and the type of work you do. We'll keep you updated by email & SMS for free when new jobs that match your settings are posted on the site.

  • Pick a job

On our website, homeowners are posting jobs continuously whenever they need a tradesperson. We have more than 30,000 job posts every month, which means you have a better chance to be selected for the best one matching your skills. You will be notified instantly whenever a relevant job is posted. Alternatively, you can also choose from 'find a job' page and choose any active jobs that interest you.

  • Send your quote

Sending quotes was never this easy as it is with us. The ideal way is to introduce yourself, quote your price, mention the time you needed to complete it, and a detailed description of the job. We also provide you with a chat feature which allows you to chat and discuss the job details with the homeowner in real-time.

  • Job offered

Once the homeowner accepts your quote and decides to hire you, then he will officially award you the job by creating a milestone used as an advanced payment.

  • Get paid

Accept the job offer and always give it your best. Once completed, the homeowner will release the Milestone payment, and the money will be transferred into your bank account.

  • Provide Feedback

Once the job is marked completed, we will ask the homeowner to leave a review and rate your work. Gaining good reviews will help you win future jobs. You can also leave a review for the homeowner to enable prospective employees to know what it's like working with their company.