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Ups and Downs of a Handyman

Handyman work has its advantages and disadvantages. For the majority of people who are in this line of work it is a case of working for yourself and being your own boss. However that doesn’t mean that it is all plain sailing. There are many ups and downs of becoming a handyman. 

Being your own boss 

Working for yourself means that you set your own schedule, which can greatly improve your personal life, being a benefit in the ups and downs of a handyman. Increased flexibility in working hours allows handymen to only take on jobs they want, and those which fits around other elements of their lives. On the contrary, being your own boss means you have to source all the work yourself, and if the need for handyman jobs dries up, so does the income. 

Pick the jobs you can work on

Another great positive of being a handyman is that you get to pick the jobs you can work on. You know your skill set better than anyone else, so can use this to specialise in a particular area such as painting, electrics or roofing. The choice is yours and once your customers know that you are a specialist in that area they are more likely to use you and recommend you to others. As there are pros and cons to be a  handyman, be aware that only taking one type of particular job could limit your potential income stream, so it is advisable to be open to other jobs. 

Finding handyman work 

There are other important issues that you must be aware of in the advantages and disadvantages of a handyman, such as your ability to get work. Generally, handymen are used on an urgent basis when customers need something fixing right away. So be prepared to use a handymen marketplace like www.tradespeoplehub.co.uk to get some potential clients when there are some gaps in your schedule