We have a 1700sq foot warehouse space we wish to convert for living. It needs to be divided up into 5 rooms - studwork, plastering, and doors. We also want to install a kitchen - sink, oven and kitchen hood, as well as a bathroom. At the moment there is a small kitchenette so it has running water, but no large wastewater pipe. This is a large job and we are looking to keep costs down as much as possible. Most materials would need to be supplied by you.

Hi, Please can you quote me for the following doors based on supply and fit of a Victorian 4 panelled design: Door 1 - 79cm H x 32cm w Door 2 - Same as above Door 3 - 77cm H x 30cm w Door 4 - 79cm H x 29.75cm w Door 5 - 78cm H x 23.75cm w None of these are fire doors, it is for a residential property in Edgware.


2 weeks ago by Arturas Balkevicius

Ground floor perimeter walls-sand/cement,ceiling skimming.Internal walls and first floor-bonding/skimming.House measurements 4x10m,ceiling high 2,8m.Thank you.

Silicone rendering

2 weeks ago by Arturas Balkevicius

External walls silicone rendering on 4x10m detached house in Wednesbury West Midlands.Start date end of April.

Complete new roof

2 weeks ago by Arturas Balkevicius

Detached 4x10m house complete pitched roof with 2 chimneys installation(woodwork,tiles,fascia boards,gutters and lead work) in Wednesbury,West Midlands.Aprox start date end of March/mid April.Looking for the reasonable quotes.Thank you.

Block paving and fence

2 weeks ago by Gruf Gunn

Path removed. 18x18 block paved section. Doorstep salvaged/redone as needed. Any necessary repair to damaged tarmac where it joins public footpath. 18ft(ish) section of fence to mirror neighbour’s fence on the other side. Bike ground anchor knocking out and resetting into paved area. Two foot border leaving at front of house.

Pvc cladding

2 weeks ago by Ben Cooling

Need pvc cladding fixing/replaced so no gap between the two pieces

Pvc cladding

2 weeks ago by Ben Cooling

Need pvc cladding fixing/replaced so no gap between the two pieces 

Gas cooker installation.

2 weeks ago by Anda Potter

Install a gas cooker. We moved the cooker very easy from our old house but here at the new house it looks like it need some pipe work to accommodate the cooker

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